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Richard J. Schmidt has written on films and cinematography, often specializing in movies filmed in Red Rock Canyon State Park. He lives in Southern California. Some of his published works can be found at the following magazines.

American Cinematographer
1987 Article on the making of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (1944)
Films in Review
Article on the making of the Invisible Ray (1936)
The Journal of Popular Film
Interview With Jules White, 1977
1970 vintage article about the Colorado Street Bridge (Suicide Bridge) in Pasadena called Weathered Crossing
Hollywood Studio Magazine
Article on the career of actor Frances Drake, January 1987
Famous Monsters of Filmland
1976 interview (issue 127) with Marcel Delgado, "Master Monster Maker."
Monsters from the Vault
Spring 2007 Issue (#23), titled The Im-ho-tep of Red Rock Canyon. Still available from the publisher

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A Scene from Law and Order
Ronald Reagan in Red Rock Canyon (1953)
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