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All of the five major studios of Hollywood's Golden Age, as well as many of the minor production companies of that period, made use of the astounding Mojave Desert locations found at RRC. Westerns most often profited by their forays out into the Mojave, but some science fiction films which required extraordinary and other-worldly landscapes also found a home out there (For some of the locations on these sci-fi films, be sure to look for the 'Land of the Dead' gulch feature of Hagen Canyon which is showcased in Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, Rocketship X-M, and Missile to the Moon). But that's just a start. RRC also figured in a number of Arabian-themed motion pictures including The Mummy (1933 version), The Egyptian, Sword of Ali Baba, Son of Sinbad, and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

On the list that follows, many of the titles include notations such as 'stock shot' or 'rear-projection shot' or 'second unit shot' to delineate how Red Rock Canyon was presented within any particular film. A 'stock shot' is a scene taken from a stock library; a library that might be from the studio vaults or from an independent source. A 'rear-projection scene' is one that employs a background shot or 'plate' that was taken earlier and placed, by any number of means, to appear behind the performers. The notation 'second-unit' indicates that an alternate film crew (with different directors and cameramen) went to make these scenes independent from the main unit; this typically means that the principal actors were not involved in these scenes. Distinctions such as these are made to suggest how RRC was employed as both a major and a minor player in different films. Movie studios made decisions based on financial as well as artistic reasons, so that use of a 'stock' shot', for example, might make more sense than a crew actually coming out on site with all the expense and time that that would require. This was of course a common practice for the 'distant locations' such as Red Rock.

A partial list of Canyon films (* indicates that one or more photographs from that film appears in the book):

  • 1925 Wild Horse Canyon
  • 1926 Born to the West
  • 1926 Hands Up!
  • 1927 Nine Points of Law
  • 1928 Trail of Courage Last known silent film.
  • 1930 Hell's Heroes The first RRC sound/dialog film. This is the first of three versions of Peter B. Kyne's novel Three Godfathers shot at RRC.
  • 1930 Under A Texas Moon RRC's first known color film; shot in the 'experimental' two-color Technicolor process.
  • 1931 Quick Millions
  • 1932 Tombstone Canyon *
  • 1932 Divorce in the Family *
  • 1933 The Mummy *
  • 1933 Strawberry Roan
  • 1933 Heritage of the Desert
  • 1936 Three Godfathers *
  • 1936 Petrified Forest Second unit shots of RRC.
  • 1936 Hopalong Cassidy Enters RRC is seen in a single stock shot.
  • 1936 For the Service *
  • 1936 The Bold Caballero
  • 1937 Texas Trail *
  • 1937 Where Trails Divide
  • 1937 Riders of the Whistling Skull RRC appears via the Red Cliffs feature only on the main title card
  • 1937 Hit the Saddle * RRC is seen only briefly. There's no documentation on this Republic film, but the RRC scenes are quite possibly a series of stock shots clipped from an older, and as yet unidentified, film.
  • 1937 Zorro Rides Again
  • 1937 Gunsmoke Ranch
  • 1937 Danger Valley
  • 1938 Where the West Begins
  • 1938 The Bad Man of Brimstone *
  • 1938 Stagecoach Days
  • 1938 Her Jungle Love The first full-color (using 'three strip' Technicolor technology) film made there.
  • 1938 Overland Express RRC appears only in rear-projected footage.
  • 1938 Pals of the Saddle * Some rangers believe that this film includes the only motion picture images of Saltdale, a long-gone settlement just outside the southeast end of the park.
  • 1938 The Mexicali Kid *
  • 1938 The Painted Desert
  • 1938 The Overland Express Seen in rear-projection.
  • 1939 Overland with Kit Carson Rear-projected scenes.
  • 1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again
  • 1939 Wall Street Cowboy
  • 1939 Buck Rogers *
  • 1939 Stagecoach Rear-projected footage of Hagen Canyon.
  • 1940 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
  • 1940 Melody Ranch With rear-projected scenes of RRC.
  • 1940 Colorado
  • 1940 Young Buffalo Bill
  • 1940 The Bad Man
  • 1940 The Great Train Robbery *
  • 1940 Lone Star Raiders
  • 1940 The Mummy's Hand Seen only in stock shots from the original The Mummy (1933).
  • 1941 Riders of Death Valley *
  • 1941 Badlands of Dakota * It's all second unit stuff, but the footage is very lively and covers a large area. Directed by action-specialist and frequent Red Rock director Ray Taylor.
  • 1941 The Singing Hills *
  • 1941 Go West Second unit shots of RRC.
  • 1942 Saboteur A single second unit shot and you have to look quickly.
  • 1942 The Man from Cheyenne
  • 1943 The Outlaw
  • 1944 Pride of the Plains
  • 1944 Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves Second unit scenes of Hagen Canyon and the Red Cliffs directed by Ray Taylor.
  • 1945 Detour RRC appears only in rear-projected footage taken from Highway 6, on what is now Abbott Drive between Ricardo Campground and Hagen Canyon.
  • 1945 Wanderer of the Wasteland *
  • 1945 The Mummy's Curse Seen only in stock shots from the original The Mummy (1933).
  • 1946 Wild Beauty *
  • 1947 Ramrod RRC seen only on the title card
  • 1948 Grand Canyon Trail
  • 1949 The Big Sombrero *
  • 1949 Calamity Jane and Sam Bass With rear-projection plates of the Red Cliffs originally made for Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (1944).
  • 1949 The Last Bandit *
  • 1950 The Vanishing Westerner RRC in stock shots
  • 1950 Rocketship X-M
  • 1951 Apache Drums
  • 1951 In Old Amarillo I get alot of grief by including this one. One of the old rangers is convinced that this film uses rear-projection plates of RRC, and he managed to convince me. It's a very brief image though.
  • 1952 Radar Men from the Moon *
  • 1952 The Toughest Man in Arizona In rear-projection
  • 1953 Law and Order *
  • 1953 Split Second Another one that is a bit hard for me to confirm. Locals out there insist that this film has the only known screen-time for the Red Rock Tavern and Wagon Wheel Cafe which lie in ruins just outside the southern end of the park.
  • 1953 Tumbleweed *
  • 1953 San Antone
  • 1953 The Stand at Apache River
  • 1953 Inferno * "Inferno" from 20th Century Fox in Technicolor and 3D, was filmed partially in the Red Rooster section of RRC, on a high outcropping. This particular location is, to my knowledge, the most remote filming site anywhere in the park, and difficult to access by foot.
  • 1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea This picture gets my vote for the most astonishing use of the Canyon as a desert island.
  • 1954 The Egyptian *
  • 1954 The Long Long Trailer Second unit shots of RRC.
  • 1954 The Bounty Hunter
  • 1954 Jubilee Trail *
  • 1954 Drums Across the River
  • 1955 Son of Sinbad Another example where RRC is glimpsed for only a few seconds (In this case, it's beside the Red Cliffs rock feature).
  • 1956 Tension at Table Rock *
  • 1956 Uranium Boom
  • 1956 Dakota Incident *
  • 1956 The Lonely Man RRC appears behind the main title only.
  • 1956 The Fastest Gun Alive *
  • 1957 Gun Battle At Monterey *
  • 1958 The Big Country *
  • 1958 Man of the West *
  • 1958 Apache Territory *
  • 1959 Missile to the Moon
  • 1963 Four for Texas *
  • 1964 Apache Rifles *
  • 1965 The Sword of Ali Baba This production includes both stock shots from Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (1944) as well as 'newly' shot footage.
  • 1967 Waterhole #3 *
  • 1967 40 Guns to Apache Pass
  • 1969 Beneath the Planet of the Apes
  • 1970 The Andromeda Strain
  • 1971 The Hunting Party
  • 1973 Westworld *
  • 1975 The American Dream
  • 1976 Cannonball
  • 1977 The Car
  • 1978 Capricorn One
  • 1981 Through the Magic Pyramid (aka Tut and Tuttle)
  • 1985 Silverado RRC locations are not in the feature film, but do appear in the theatrical trailer.
  • 1985 The Savage Dawn
  • 1985 Space Rage (aka A Dollar A Day)
  • 1986 Poltergeist 2
  • 1987 Phoenix the Warrior
  • 1989 Homer & Eddie
  • 1990 Highlander II - The Quickening Pick up shots made for the truck chase scene.
  • 1991 Blue Desert
  • 1993 Jurassic Park
  • 1993 Joshua Tree (aka Army of One)
  • 1995 The Landing
  • 1995 Steel Frontier
  • 1996 Bulletproof
  • 1996 Cyborg Cop III
  • 1998 I'll Be Home for Christmas
  • 2003 Holes

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